Lanka.pro – creative economy development agency, focusing on ecosystemic solutions inspired by culture.

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Our story took start with the beginning of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We agreed with each other that despite everything that was happening, we would gather at least once a week and talk about the future of Ukraine. Our dreams became our support since the first days of the coldest spring of our lives, and leadership from the emerging future was the key to building a team.

Lanka is an allusion to the name of the literary formation Lanka, which in the 1920s called for “filling the existing gap that emerged in Ukrainian literature after the great cataclysms and together becoming a link in the broken chain.”

We were united by our love for the traditions of the Ukrainian land, a holistic view on the creative economy, and personal leadership in projects of action.


our founding team consists of 4 people with combined experience in the field and expertise in cultural studies, economics, management, communications, and design. Join us if you also believe that magic is created in interaction, and that the economy of care and creativity is the new tomorrow.



was the one setting up the creative economy portfolio at the British Council in Ukraine. For many years she programmed partnerships and managed projects to develop creative entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Anna Karnaukh


is a culturologist with activist experience at the Ukrainian Catholic University and the Ukrainian Leadership Academy. She is the inspirer and curator of the innovative cultural and educational formats at Dyvokayak and the Crane Foundation.

Ganusia Didula


is a facilitator and learning product designer. She is exploring social arts, regenerative development and systems innovations. Kateryna co-hosts the communities of U.Hub Ukraine and Ukrainian Inner Development Goals Network.

Катерина Кравчук


is an artist and graphic designer. She is a co-founder of the family business of hot enamel jewelry Enamel Koziy and also develops visual concepts for major change-making initiatives and projects. She skillfully mixes elements of folk ornamentation with modern designs.

Yarka Koziy

Together, we dream of a cherry orchard next to the hub* – a heartfelt, beautiful, healthy, technologically advanced, productive Ukraine and societies around the world that are integrated into the global rhythm and at the same time respect their own dignity.

You can join us as a partner or expert in Ukraine, or as an associate in any country in the world, except for totalitarian regimes.

Let’s keep going! Your Lanka

Work with us

The menu of our practices presents our own developed and tested methods and newest approaches in facilitation, informal education, research and solutions adapted to context. Any of these formats could become a base of collaboration with us. Also, we are open to co-creating new practices dealing with creative sector development, strengthening the potential of humans, teams and communities, and harmonious revival (vidnova) of Ukraine.

Support us

Support us

Our operating model balances commercial and non-profit projects.

The more you support us, the more we can offer you free events and our own analytics, as well as develop a resource base for the sector.

We are a little bridge between Ukraine and the world on the topic of culture for development, so we are happy to strengthen this dialogue on both sides.


Partnership initiatives with dear colleagues and friends are at the heart of our ecosystem work – with great care, mutual respect and shared dreams.

Інститут стратегії культури

Institute for Cultural Strategy

We do joint educational events, multi stakeholder dialogues and research on the local level


UA IDG Network

UA IDG Network

We share the passion for facilitation, systems approach and game “City-synergy”


Креативна резиденція MC6

MC6 Creative Residence

We dream together of vibrant cultural communities and holistic spatial development


Creative Rural Hub

Creative Rural Hub

We jointly explore the topic of resilience and regeneration inspired by nature


Школа трансформацій Теорії Ю

U-school for Transformation

We test inner development tools for collective actions from shared awareness


Enamel Koziy

Enamel Koziy

We share the vision of style and reinterpretation of Ukrainian intangible heritage